From just software development we have come a long way, diversifying to light up more areas of the IT World through world-class services.
Today, the scope of our activities includes :
Installation and maintenance of IT hardware and electronic office equipment
Customised software development
Local and wide area networking
Website development and hosting
Specialised customer training
Turnkey IT projects
Complete IT Security
Installations across all OS platforms, including Windows and Linux,as well as Oracle and SQL Server,Linux-based Internet. Servers, et al.

Above all, we specialise in providing the most comprehensive System Integration services that are affordable and are customised to fit the client's budget. Our Total System Integration and complete IT packages lead to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which means 100% VALUE FOR MONEY. Because -

System Integration = Training + Installation + Maintenance + Hardware Support + Software Support + Total IT Security + Networking Solutions = Lower TCO

IT SOLUTIONS COME IN ALL SIZES - For us, size really does not matter. That's another factor that sets us apart from other IT companies. Large IT companies are not always sensitive to the needs of small clients. But we respect the value of our client's money and try to offer the perfect solutions package to suit tight budgets. We offer our services to home and SOHO users, large corporate houses as well as government organisations, departments and undertakings. However, our focus remains on the State Government and a select list of elite corporate clients and we try to deliver premium IT solutions for their needs.